Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review of Big Horn BBQ (Pearland, TX)  

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While on my visit the friends I was staying with decided to try this place. Big Horn BBQ is on the feeder of 288 in Pearland and has a Chevron as part of it. It is a little different in that while most gas station BBQ places seem to have been gas stations that added BBQ, Big Horn seems to be a BBQ place that happens to sell gas.

The inside is cafeteria line service. We decide to do takeout, and get ribs, sausage, brisket (moist), and chicken. Note that not all people tried everything (the Pearland group is particular…).

Brisket: I asked for moist brisket but what I got appeared to be lean. The bark appears to have been take off a lot of the brisket. There's not a lot of flavor here. There's a slight smoke flavor to the parts that do still have bark, but it has a metallic flavor. I give it a 4.0/10. David gives it a 3.0/10. Avg: 3.5/10.

 Chicken: The chicken is reasonably tender and juicy. It has a slight smoke flavor, but not much else going on otherwise. I give it 5.0/10.

Pork Ribs: The ribs have some crust, and are reasonably tender. There's not much smoke flavor however. They are slightly sweet. I think they are adequate and will give them 5.5/10. Esti is not a fan and gives them 4.0/10.

Sausage: The sausage has a decent snap, and is tender and juicy. But there is almost nothing happening flavor-wise. It is one of the blandest sausages I have ever tasted. It also has that gummy feel I associate with fillers. Esti actively dislikes the taste and does not finish hers. I call it 3.5/10. Esti gives her 2.0/10.

Gas station BBQ can sometimes be quite good (in short, don’t let the fact that it's coming from a gas station turn you away). However, in this case it isn't a winning combination.
(Scott's comment: Gas stations: stick w/ unleaded, Vitamin Water or Gatorade, and beef jerky... maybe a Willie Nelson CD.) 

Is it worth a visit? I'd honestly have to say no. Only two items scored passing scores. There's better in the area. 
Is it worth a trip? Obviously not.  

If I have to go anyway? Stick to chicken and ribs (depending on your taste). Stay away from sausage and brisket.