Friday, February 19, 2016

Giddings City Market Revisited (Giddings, TX)  

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City market in Giddings was our first review from April of 2015. We weren't impressed at the time we went. I was passing through and thought it might be worth a revisit. The place doesn't appear to have changed in looks. I ordered pork ribs, sausage, and brisket (moist, of course).

Pork Ribs: The ribs still have a really good flavor. There is some crust, but they are a little overcooked and are falling off the bone. There's very little resistance and they are almost mushy in places. It's too bad, because the flavor really is good. If they could just work on texture. Call it 6.0/10.

Sausage: It's a coarse sausage. However, it is not tightly packed. This means it is pretty chewy and there's no real snap in the casing. The flavor is also unremarkable. Maybe a hint of pepper, but no real flavor otherwise. Call it 3.5/10.

Brisket: We were not impressed with the brisket before, and it hasn't improved. They are still keeping it in liquid. The result is like poorly done pot roast: no real flavor and extremely tough. Even the moist that I ordered requires a lot of work to chew through. I am unable to finish this. 2.0/10.  

It's a shame to see a place that seems to get such high reviews at other times be such a disappointment when we go, but two strikes and you're out. I don't see a return trip anytime in the foreseeable future. There is much better BBQ out there. 

Is it worth a visit? Honestly, no. Only the ribs seem decent. You can do better elsewhere.  

Is it worth a trip? Obviously not.  

If I have to go anyway? This is a new category we're starting. Let's face it, we've all been stuck going to a place we didn’t want to because it was important to someone else (Loni, I'm calling out you and Chucky Cheese!). This will apply for places we decided aren’t worth a visit but you might end up having to visit anyway. If you do end up going here, stick to ribs and stay away from sausage and brisket.