Friday, February 19, 2016

The Wooden Spoke Review (Magnolia, TX)  

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I met my friend Loni Friday evening, and a friend of hers (Hi, Sara) suggested this place. This place is a cross between a large storage shed and a small barn located on the outskirts of Magnolia, TX. It's definitely rustic and very TX BBQ in style. Despite that there's actually seating for some people inside.
They do seem to have the normal run of BBQ items. Loni and I each decide to order two meat places and share. Loni doesn't consider herself an expert so decided not to score. We get chicken, sausage, brisket, and pork ribs.

Pork Ribs: The ribs have a very nice flavor. There's a touch of sweetness and some pepper. However, they are somewhat overdone and are a bit mushy as a result. There's not really any resistance. I'll call it 6.0/10.

Chicken: The chicken has a nice crisp skin. There's a good smoke flavor and it is well-seasoned. It is a touch dry. Call it 6.5/10.

Brisket: I forgot to specify, so I end up with lean (my bad). Again, there's a nice smoky flavor. It's a little chewy, but has a nice bark. I'll call it 7.0/10.

Sausage: They get their sausage from another place. It has a good snap and is tender and juicy. It is very sweet, and there's a flavor that reminds me of maple. It's good stuff. Call it 8.0/10.

Is it worth a visit? Yes. For a tiny place on a small road in Magnolia, The Wooden Spoke is turning out some pretty good BBQ. It is definitely a good place to stop for lunch or dinner.

Is it worth a trip? Not quite. While it is good, it's not quite at a great level.