Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review of La Barbecue (Austin, TX) 

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My friend Mike had given high praise to La BBQ’s brisket, so we made plans to meet there about 11:00 today. Things fell through for Mike, so I ended up there alone (“Alll byyymyyy sellfff”). Still, I decided to stay and see if his opinion still mattered to me after he stood me up.  J
La BBQ is a trailer and pits located in a small food park. Very “Austin” in nature. There’s also a stage for live music (someone began playing Kentucky Blue-grass about 45 minutes after opening), and they offer free Lone Star while waiting in line. They also offer samples of brisket and pulled pork while we wait.

The line didn’t seem that long, but I was in line at 11:00 (actually before) and didn’t order till after 1:00. This wait led to a nice conversation with Roy and Adrian behind me about various BBQ places, whether or not they’d make their 2pm movie (nope), and “Line Perception. (I’ll be doing a separate post on line perception.)

They literally run out of turkey on the person in front of me, but they do manage to cut me a taste. I order brisket, sausage, pork ribs, and beef ribs (and have one sent to Adrian and Roy. Thanks for the good conversation!).
Sausage: The sausage has a nice snap in the casing, and is tender and juicy. It’s a coarse grind. It’s got some nice heat to it, but there’s a flavor in the spice that doesn’t quite appeal to me. My personal score: 6.0/10, but that’s strictly because there was something in the flavor that didn’t appeal to me personally.

Pork ribs: It looks like there’s a wet rub during part of the process on the ribs. There’s not much crust but an excellent flavor, with a mixture of sweet and spice. The rib is tender without being overcooked, and the flavor goes to the bone. 8.0/10. 

Pulled pork: I only got a taste of this while waiting in line. It had a nice smoky flavor and was nice and tender. Good work. 8.0/10.
Beef rib: Good bark, nice smoky flavor. Maybe a hair too much salt, but nice and tender, again without being over-cooked. 8.5/10.

Turkey: While I only got a taste of the turkey, it was moist and tender, with a nice peppery flavor and some excellent smoky taste. I really regret not being able to get more. Note to self: bribe the people in front of me. 9.0/10.

Brisket: An excellent bark, with a nice smoke flavor. Even the lean brisket is nice and tender, and the moist melts in your mouth. This is good stuff! 9.5/10. 
Mike, you were correct. La BBQ lives up to your recommendation. The only item I wouldn’t rate as exceptional is the sausage, and that’s strictly a personal taste preference.

Is it worth a visit? Absolutely. Everything here is excellent. 
Is it worth a trip? Again, absolutely. As mentioned above, the only item I didn’t give an exceptional level score to is the sausage, and that’s a taste preference. Even traveling 60+ miles, it’s definitely worth it. 
*Some notes: Like Micklethwait’s, you’re waiting outside. There’s more cover here, but you are still outside so plan accordingly. Also, as a trailer the line seems to move slower than other venues.*



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