Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Micklethwait Bar-B-Que Update ("Mistakes were made")

One thing I think it is important for a reviewer to do is admit when they may have made a mistake. As mentioned earlier, we went to Micklewait BBQ on 5/24. At the time, I loved the brisket, sausage, and chicken, and was less fond of the ribs and pork shoulder. We had ended up with a fair amount of left-overs, and froze them for eating later. During this week I’ve been eating the left-overs.
Even frozen and then re-heated, my opinion of the sausage and brisket has not changed. It’s still flavorful and tender. And the chicken is still moist (incidentally, always best to reheat very slowly and with a moisture source nearby). My ratings on these items has not changed in the slightest. 
But the ribs...My wife had re-heated the first batch and handed me a rib. The difference between that rib and the two I had on 5/24 was the difference between night and day. Good smoke flavor all the way to the bone. Just the right amount of bite. Even re-heated I would give this rib an 8, and I suspect it would have been higher fresh.  And the same has been true for every other re-heated rib I’ve eaten.  So, revise that to 8/10.
I don’t know if I just ended up with the only two flawed ribs in the batch, or if my taste buds were being tempermental that day. But it certainly appears their ribs can be top-notch as well.  
I’m definitely standing by my recommendation that Micklewait is worth a trip!
(Al's editorial: FYI - I erroneously put Micklethwait's in Round Rock on the original posting.  The error has been corrected. Per their website, they can be found here.)
Original review can be found here.