Thursday, July 9, 2015

Updated Review of Stiles Switch House BBQ (Austin, TX) 

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Flashback today on the reviewin'. We'd previously visited back in April (original review here), and had decided it was good and definitely worth a visit, but not quite worth a trip because none of the trifecta made it into the 8+ range in score. I stopped in there today for lunch and got a three meat plate (brisket, turkey, pork loin).  

Turkey: This is still excellent. Nice and moist, a nice smoky flavor, and not too salty. Still a solid 10/10.  

Pork: This is equally good. Just the right amount of smoke. It's got a slightly spicy kick to it that compliments the smoke nicely. I gave this a nine last time, and this batch is even better. 10/10.

Brisket: The brisket last time was good, but not great. This shows the difference between lean and moist. This is juicy, tender, has a nice smoky flavor, and a good bark. It melts in the mouth nicely. I bought a little extra and passed it around to a few people and it is getting compliments from them as well. 9/10. 
Since there were three previous scores of 8 or above, and one of the trifecta has now scored 8 or higher, I think I can safely say Stiles is worth a trip. Make sure you check them out!