Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Review of Fullhouse BBQ (@Morrow St., Georgetown, TX) 

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I’d heard comments about the place from people in my neighborhood Nextdoor group, so decided to check it out. FullHouse is a small trailer currently located on Morrow in Georgetown. He’s been at this location since last August, and has plans to open a full-scale restaurant at some point in the future.

The menu isn’t huge – primarily sandwiches and plates. They serve sausage, brisket, chopped beef, and beef spare ribs. It looks like they may have other offerings as specials on occasion. I order a two-meat plate (brisket and sausage), and a half-pound of beef ribs (3).
Beef ribs: The beef ribs have a nice crust and good flavor. They are somewhat tough, but it’s been so long since I’ve had a spare rib (usually I’m getting the brontosaur version) that this may be somewhat subjective. 7/0/10. 
Sausage: The sausage has a very nice smoky flavor. It’s juicy, tender, and there’s a good snap in the casing. This is really good. 8.0/10. 
Brisket: The brisket is moist and tender. There’s a nice smoky flavor to it. The bark is a little thin. I have a little moist and a little lean, and even the lean is nice and tender. 8.0/10. 
Are they worth a visit? Absolutely. I’d definitely check them out for lunch, and would not be at all worried about taking a friend.
Are they worth a trip? I’m honestly on the fence on this one. I usually want three scores of 8 or higher to say yes here, but I only tried three of four items, and two of those three make the cut. I’m going to have to go back when they have a special to make a final call. 
Trailers have been impressing me lately, and Fullhouse has done nothing to discourage that trend. They are definitely a solid entry in the BBQ camp. 


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