Saturday, January 2, 2016

Review of Field Store BBQ (Located in Irv's in Waller, TX)  

Field's Store BBQ site on Yelp

As I noted in the last review, Field Store BBQ and Waller County Line BBQ are one exit away from each other. Since I grabbed Waller CL BBQ on the way to Pearland, I checked out Field Store BBQ on the way back.
Field Store BBQ is set up a little different. Order your plate, pay at the register (same place you pay for gas) and they bring it to you.
(Scott's comment: "Do you want a fuel injector enhancer with your pork ribs?")
They offer a decent selection. I order a three meat plate (brisket, sausage, pork rib).

Sausage: I ordered original sausage. It’s got an excellent flavor and a good snap. It’s just a hair dry, but the flavor compensates. 8.0/10.

Pork rib: The rib has a very sweet flavor, and there is a very light smoke flavor, It’s not tough but is a touch dry. 5.0/10. 

Brisket: The brisket has a smoky flavor but not much else going for it. Again, it is a touch dry, when you bite into it, but otherwise is OK. 5.0/10.  

Is it worth a visit? I’d say yes. The sausage is definitely excellent, and the other items are adequate if not exceptional. 

Is it worth a trip? Nope.  

Decision time: Since Waller County Line and Field Store BBQ are one exit down from each other, which should you choose?
You should choose Field Store BBQ if you want a more “genuine” BBQ experience (translation: some smoke flavor in the meat). Field Store is also less expensive. 

(Scott's comment: Sounds like a quintessential Texas side of the road place where you need gas, realize you're hungry, but want something more than a bag of chips from the gas station, and you've had your yearly dietary quota of Dairy Queen.) 

(Al's comment: I love the Yelp guy who sums up his priorities on the BBQ as: It's now called Irv's...They still have Chevron gas.)
(Al's 2nd comment: You ate gas station BBQ twice in one week?? You're braver than I thought.)