Monday, September 7, 2015

John Mueller Meat Company Review (Austin, TX)

John Mueller Meat Co. info on Website, Facebook, & Twitter (@JSM_meat)

Does this mean Bevo is a cannibal?!
John Mueller Meat Company is a small trailer just off of 6th street in east Austin. Pits are plainly visible and unlike some trailers you wait while they prepare. I swung by there today to pick up lunch for myself and my wife, getting 1 pound each brisket and pork ribs, and a half pound each sausage, pork shoulder, and beef ribs (they were out of turkey and smoked prime rib). There wasn’t much of a wait, probably because of the holiday. 
Sausage: The sausage has a good snap in the casing, is juicy and tender. It starts with an extremely mild flavor, in fact so mild that I was starting to get disappointed. But then some heat kicked in and the rest of the taste came with it. It’s got a nice flavor once the heat comes. It’s not too hot, but provides a nice low warmth. 8.5/10. 

Brisket: The brisket has a nice bark, is moist and tender. It has a wonderful smoke flavor. On a personal preference note I’d like a little more pepper in the rub, but it is well prepared. 8.5/10.

Pork Shoulder: The pork shoulder has a good smoke flavor and a sweetness to it (and maybe a hint of fruit?). It’s not overly greasy. This is good stuff. 9.5/10.

Beef Rib: These are beef short ribs, so not quite as enormous as some you get, but still have ample meat. The bark is good and there’s a good smoke flavor. They are tender without being overcooked. Again, I wouldn’t mind a little more pepper. 8.5/10.  

Pork Rib: The rib has a good crust, is tender and has a good meat/bone ratio. It is nicely flavored and again, a hint of fruit?. 9.5/10.
For those who follow John on Twitter, you know he takes great pride in his food, and is more than willing to “talk the talk”. Now, having tried his food, I can say he walks the walk as well. 

Is it worth a visit? Absolutely. Definitely swing by if you’re in the neighborhood.  

Is it worth a trip? Again, absolutely. Everything I tried fell into the exceptional range. That’s always worth a trip. This place definitely rates among the top names in the area.