Monday, June 29, 2015

Review of The Pit BBQ  (@Williams Dr. in Georgetown, TX)

I stopped there for lunch today after an appointment. I've driven by in the past, so figured I'd see if it was any good. The place looks a little like a converted fast food place (maybe an Arby's). There's no real BBQ feel on the inside. I order a 4 meat combo plate with brisket, sausage, pork ribs, and turkey.


Turkey: The turkey has some smoke flavor and is not too salty. But it is chewy in places and dry in others. Seems a little uneven in the cooking. 6.0/10.  

Sausage: Again, fairly chewy. Flavor is OK, but nothing to write home about. Not a lot of snap in the case. 5.0/10.  

Pork Ribs: I'm starting to notice a theme here - chewy and tough. I actually have to cut one of them with a knife. Not much flavor at all. Fairly poor example of how a rib should be done. 3.0/10.  

Brisket: Dry, not much bark, and no smoke flavor to speak of. Honestly, if I close my eyes I wouldn’t be sure that it is even BBQ. 3.0/10.

Is it worth a visit? I'd have to say no. This place may be popular with locals, but I'm not seeing the attraction. The only thing here I found decent was the turkey, and not so much so that it's worth going for. There are plenty of better places out there.  

Is it worth a trip? Obviously not.